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    • simkodinow365
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      Im starting to play 1.5$ fifty's in pokerstars.My starting bankroll is 35$ which is enough for this limit.On this micro limits i will play with aggressive BRM.My goal is to reach 500$ and not to bust..
      35-70 - only 1.5$ 's
      70-120- mixing 1.5$'s and 3.5'$
      120-280 - only 3.5$'s
      280-350 - mixing 3.5$'s and 7's
      350-500 - only 7's
      I'll be playing 12 tile tables and i will try to keep playing around 80-100 sngs per day.
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    • PokerPPP
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      GL bro, crush 'em! :s_cool:
    • NutzAreOk
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      Great to have Fifty50 blog here. :)

      If you are able to play 12 tables now, maybe you can increase number of tables during your mission. Then it would be easier to play those 80-100 games/day.

      Best of luck!
    • simkodinow365
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      Im here.. I know that there are downswings but just i'm amazed what's happening to me on the tables.I think i am playing good solid poker and i can't win a flip and fishes are destroying me.I can beat this stake easily and i done this before many times but this time i stucked and i can move up ... I lost my first 25$ because of many many badbeats, but its my fault cause im playing too risky with my BR.. SO far i deposited new 55$ from them now i have only 36 and im playing only 1.5$ sng's...
      Which is the best type of sng to play to build a solid roll around 100$ :s_confused: ?( :s_confused:
    • SDK1987
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      I think $1,50 regular Fifty50’s are pretty good games to reach $100 bankroll easily if you start with 50 buy-inns to beat the swings.
      If you have a pretty low bankroll like $10 is it better to build the bankroll with 25c 45/90 SNG’s.
      I think those games are the easiest game to beat on PokerStars.
      Further I wish you GL with blog.