Check Call trend

    • Grifer25
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      Hey i was wondering why in NLHE everyone started Check Calling and Check Backing lately. average Cbet dropped from 75-65 to 55-45.. maybe any one can share thoughts on that. Thanx
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    • Infinito46
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      More balanced game. Cbetting a lot puts your ranges face up. Easyer to addapt against in my oppinion.

      If your Cbet is 75 your fold to raise flop is either high or you are spillyng money and easy to exploit for value.

      On the other hand your Check/fold flop is usually high, if it isn't that means that your cbet range is weaker and easyer to abuse. Your turn Check/fold and Cbet can be interpreted and exploated the same way. Or if Cbet turn is low they can float against you.

      Out of position it's almost the same but you can play it a bit more agro since people still folds lots OOP so Cbetting might be still a good strategy.

      Anyway I still Cbet big % IP and OOP against really weak and simple players. Every1 has to be abused in the way he lets you so balancing makes sense against good ones.

    • MaxLange
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      It started making sense to check behind if u have backdoor flush/str draw, so you don't get off your hand if they raise you and for sure to balance your range.
    • Kruppe
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      i think it's mainly to induce tilt. you need strong mental stamina to endure endless passive/nitty play
    • Kruppe
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      and 2nd not completely serious theory:

      people started cbetting less because they were getting checkraised so much.
      then people started checkraising less because people were cbetting less!