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Is it more than just a game...??

    • aahitman
      Joined: 31.10.2008 Posts: 34
      Is it more than just a game? 

      Hello everyone,

      When I have some free time, will change the guns with Rockets :D  

      This is going to be my blog about Poker (Think of it sort as a weekly diary).

      A Little about my history in Poker:

      2nd August, 2008 – Was on holydays and had nothing to do, so one evening started to play Poker (on Pokerstars) with play money, without reading anything about Poker or even having any contact with the game… And sort felt in love with the game… How? I was loosing a lot (yeah, even in play money). So for two days, started to loose play money and didn’t understood why? So, I really felt curious about this, is this luck, bad play, what is it? And decided to read a lot more about Poker, found a bunch of sites, explaining the history, rules, etc.

      3rd September, 2008 – After reading and reading and playing a lot more play money a found that I could win, not on cash games (more on that later) but on SNGs, so I left myself fell in love with the game more than I should… lol I deposited $50… Went on a few $1 SNG (9 players), and actually won 5 in a row… But, what I didn’t read was about bankroll management, so, went up to $5 and lost three SNG, to recover my losses went to a few $5, $10 heads up, won a few but lost a lot more… There goes my bankroll… :) The good thing is, I found and understood the word TILT a lot more… lol

      1st October, 2008 – Went back to play money… And started to learn and read a lot about Poker… Poker for Dummies (was my first), Dan Harrington on Hold’em Volume I, II, III… David Sklansky Theory Of Poker, and a few other books as well… And did this accomplished, I really got more confused than when I started, in my opinion this books are extremely good and helpful, but you have to have a good grounds and understanding of Poker to really follow what this Poker Players and writers advice.

      31st October, 2008 – Found POKERSTRATEGY… And said to myself, let’s forget about all that I’ve read and stick to the basics, read all the articles about No Limit in POKERSTRATEGY, passed the quiz on 5th November, got my Start Up Capital on Friday the 6th (great job, it was very, very fast), witch actually I was in doubt in the beginning if it was true… And it was, so stop saying it’s a fake and stop saying that one cannot pass the quiz).

      :spade: :heart: So, this being said, for me Poker is more than just a game or a hobby, it's my free full-time occupation, now. Not, just for the money one can make, but for all the things one can learn from a Poker Table, and all the world surrounding. So I love Poker, but this blog will answer the big question.... Does Poker loves me?:diamond: :club:

      My goals to a Poker Career start up: (Right now, my goals are really basic.)

      General Goals (until the end of year)
      1. Make the 300 Party Poker points, to get rid of the $50 bonus (160 now);
      2. Make the other 600 (I think) Party Poker Points to get the other $100;
      3. Be more involved in Hand Evaluation forum;
      4. Reach Gold Status on PokerStrategy (every month hopefully);
      5. Reach the 1.000 PokerStrategy points to get the Elephant Licence;
        SSS (Cash Games)
      1. Not tilting when things aren’t going my way and expect the best;
      2. Make at least 6.000 hands per week using the SSS strategy (NL10);
      3. Reach the $150 to get to the next Level (NL25)
        SNG (10 or 9 players)
      1. Play at least 4 $1 SNGs per day;
      2. Reach the money 75% of the time;
      3. (Oh I think this is important:) Get more than 95% right answers on ICM Trainer (89% now)
      4. Expect to ROI of more than 90%, witch means beeing in 3rd, 2nd or 1st everytime (right now it is)
        What I use to help me improve, etc.
      • Poker Tracker V3
      • Pokerstrategy ICM Trainer Light (really important for beguinners)
      • Pokerstrategy ICM Trainer
      • Pokerstrategy Equilator
      • SSS strategy guide and charts (always next to me)
      • SNG Strategy charts (also always next to me)
      • Oh my brains… (right now I prefer to use the Charts, but will get there soon:D
      Rooms I usually play:
      • Party Poker (SSS)
      • Full tilt Poker (SNGs)
      • Pokerstars (SNGs, MTT, a little SSS)
      So, now that you know your future competition ;) , I just want to wish you all a very good game, and good luck.:spade: :heart: Oh by the way, the reason I started this blog, was for beguinners like myself, would see a real beguinner get his way through Poker using SSS, so please leave any feedback regarding SSS and my own charts, if you think it's normal, too low :rolleyes: , too high :D , well... any feedback, any suggestion... just post it...:diamond: :club:P .S.: Will update every week, for you to know how my weekly sessions went.
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    • aahitman
      Joined: 31.10.2008 Posts: 34
      SSS Stats

      Well this week (being the first week), was not so great, first I had a few bad session, and only reason was not bad beats or bad luck, was BAD GAME... I haven't read the articles very well, so it went to negative BB/100. So then I attended my first coaching, started reading all the articles (Basic and Brone), about SSS and just waited for the right and only moves. Then I had a few bad sessions, the cards just wouldn't come, and when they did, well Bad beats again & again, but then things turned around my way.

      :spade: :heart: Note to self: Poker is not a fast money game, LONG RUN is now my modo.

      My session throught out the week, had some couple of good sessions.

      This is a report I made about my stats on Poker Tracker (till learning this software) will make a better one next time.
    • aahitman
      Joined: 31.10.2008 Posts: 34
      Will update the SNG Stats here