Any way to contact 24h with priority..? they don't answer and it's an very severe matter.

    • endreKKKK
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      I don't want to expose my problem yet, until 24hpoker does his first move, so we can solve between us.
      But they've maken a big mystake.
      i sent emails, and they don't answer, they've blocked my account and money, without noticing me.
      not answering my emails, no proofs, and just an automated email, after 2 days without answer and personal attention.

      Is there anyway to contact them via telephone....? via strategy...? Or priority email..?because the standard emails, they don't answer....

      Because if this ends up like this.
      First of all I wont rest until the truth is told.
      And who would like to play at a pokersite, that takes actions without justifications, no proofs, and have no consideration for the players.
      Which I've been playing multilobby for many years, and never had any problems with any site. Since now.

      thanks for your help and time.
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