Paddy's Iron Man is back on 29th September and runs until the 2nd November.

Opt-in now for the chance to walk away with some incredible prizes including cash bundles worth up to $4,000 and a whopper top prize- An Irish Open package worth €5,000!

How does it work?

Paddy’s Iron Man rewards you for racking up points on Paddy’s tables. The more days you play and the more points you earn, the better your reward.

To unlock the first prize, all you need to do is earn 50 points a day for a period of 5 days -this gains you entry to a $100 freeroll. Play more and you can win anything from a $1,000 freeroll entry to $4,000.

There's also a massive incentive for the most dedicated players: Earn 10,000 points a day for 30 days and you'll win an Irish Open package worth €5,000!

Anyone who earns a cash bonus will automatically gain entry to a $1,000 freeroll on November 4th. Cash bonuses will be credited by 18:00 on November 4th.

How do I check my points?

You can check how many points you earn each day by looking in the 'Cash Table History' and 'Tournament History' sections of 'My Account'. Paddy will also email you regular points updates, so make sure your contact details are up to date!

paddypowerpoker's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

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