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      Hi there, everybody! I am going straight away to talk about who am I and what my goals are, but before, I sincerely apologise if I'm going to confuse anybody with my english skills, they're decent, but not great. So here we go!

      WHO AM I?

      I am a 21 year old guy from Lithuania (Eastern Europe). I love psychology, but I am currently studying journalism. I am also a huge Toronto Raptors fan.

      My stars nickname : frogaN

      Now, about my story. I will try to be quick and informative. I started playing poker about 4 years ago, got a stake from a fellow Lithuanian grinder and played 2.2/180man turbo sng. I was a quick learner, and in about 4 months I took a shot at 12/180man turbo sng and never looked back. I was confident (maybe too much), but I played good also. I had about 25-35% ROI for most of the time back then. After that, when the 3.3+r/180man turbo appeared, I started grinding those, and made about 5-7$/game, and was feeling like I was on top of the world. And then one day the field just changed and I was not able to be good at poker again. I was breakeven ever since. I gave a couple of more shots at poker, had some staking agreements, but I did not succeed. I think, I was just not able to learn and fully understand the advanced parts of poker, and was being way too cocky about myself in poker. Hopefully, I am more grown up now, and will be able to learn from my mistakes (it is good that atleast I admit my mistakes, right?).


      I currently have 98$ on stars, so you could say that I am completely starting over. I will play 1.5/45man turbos, maybe mixing in some CAP MTTs like the 0.55$ cap, or 1.1$ cap. (if you have any tips, know any videos, or good articles about the current field of 1.5/45 games - please tell me here or pm me, I would appreciate it very much).


      Since I have read a lot of articles about poker, including the quick guide to skyrocketing your poker and life productivity, I have learned not to make money based goals. I will not be playing 100+ games a day, since I have to study, I have a girlfriend, and of course I have the need to just chillout.

      :diamond: Start playing 1.5/45man turbo this week.
      :diamond: DO NOT play over 4-6 tables at a time.
      :diamond: Just learn the game, analize my game, look for leaks.
      :diamond: Keep this blog alive - I think it is going to help me improve a lot. By alive I mean post here atleast one time per week.
      :diamond: Every now and then, post a hand or two here, and discuss it with you guys.
      :diamond: Future goal: Start beating 1.5/45man turbos, move up to 2.5/180man turbos, and after - I do not know.

      As for now, I think I am done writing. As soon as I will play and finish my first session, I will write about it here.

      I hope that you will support me and help me. Peace!
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