Accounting program wins / losses

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      I don't see anything posted on this, so I thought I would ask. Anyone know of a good free program to track one's results at the tables. Something that's easy to enter one's cash / tournament table buy ins with win/losses and you can see in a graph?
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Long ago I used a version of gnucash for a short time.

      Then the organisation purchased a copy of Sage Simply Accounting at the request of their auditors.

      I can't remember all that much about it, other than it did what we needed it to.

      This was in 2007-ish

    • RazorPage
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      I currently use HM2; you can get a free trial to give it a go. I used excel for a time. You can do everything you want in there. If you done already have it on your computer you can download Microsoft Office Starter for free.

      Hope this helps