Morning :)

    • RMReid
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      Hello folks, I'm Sam, 28 from Glasgow, Scotland.

      Only ever really played poker for fun with friends, and occasionally if my football bets are doing well i'll transfer some into my poker account and play some low stake SnGs. To be fair normally do alright, but since watching a few of my more experienced poker playing friends and seeing how differently i play i thought i'd come and learn where im going wrong.

      This definitely seems the place to do it!

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    • NutzAreOk
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      Hello Sam and welcome to! And good morning to you too. :f_biggrin:

      Originally posted by RMReid
      This definitely seems the place to do it!

      Get yourself some free poker money by checking our free money offers. When you do that, you also receive some other benefits with your lifetime bronze status. You can post images on the forum and send PMs and friend requests through our community tool. And of course you get more articles and videos available. :)

      If you have something in your mind, pls don`t hesitate to ask.