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      Hi everybody!

      I decided start a blog in PS hoping it will help me to:
      -improve my game
      -keep me motivated
      -track my progress
      -improve my English

      About me:
      I'm 18 yo soon 19 :P Born and living in Bulgaria.I'm student, studying economy. At my leisure time I like to party, travel, go out with friends, learn new things, read good books. Not sure what else might be interesting to you, so, i think, this will be enough :)

      Poker career:
      I started with freerolls from which I build tiny BR . Then start playing micro MTTs where succeeded to earn several thousands of $$$. But MTTs took a lot of time so I tried all other formats, SnGs/6, 9, 18, 45/ and cash. I all formats In was B/E slightly winning or slightly loosing => only in MTTs I can print $$$ :D

      Back to MTTs - Starting from the bottom
      So my plan is to start in two poker rooms:
      PokerStars -> I'll play MTTs to 5$ and 180 man SNGs/2.5$ turbo and 4.5$ slow/
      888poker -> I'll play only MTTs to 6$

      Goals for October:
      [ ] 600+ tournaments
      [ ] Watch 20 videos
      [ ] Use ICM trainer to improve my push/fold skills
      [ ] review 5 HHs where I went deep
      [ ] post hands in evaluating section of PS forum
      [ ] update this blog regularly /at least once in a two days/
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