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All-in Exclusive Strategy

    • jayjoekuakua
      Joined: 27.09.2014 Posts: 19
      Firstly, don't just get the all-in when you get nuts. A nut is the card type can combine the community cards into the biggest type, if the community card is 37 JKK with different flowers. The nut is king (4K with J). If you only all-in with nuts, a few times down intelligent opponent will see the right cards you have, they also will not follow up, so you will not win chips.

      Secondly, take the initiative to all-in is more effective than with call in all-in. The purpose of actively, either force the other party reveals his hole cards, or forces the opponent to fold cards. And all-in with call, if you do not have the possibility, all-in with call will be eaten in the probability of a larger.

      Thirdly, don’t use all-in to bluff others. Some players think the chance they win is hopeless, all-in at the last moment to bluff players, want to steal the pot. This approach is only effective to the timid players, when you meet table sharks, you will be failed.

      Fourthly, if you are leading a big amount of chips, you must be careful with all-in. Leverage ratio is also important information on the tables, chips vary too much, they will be fear of an all-in which will make them fail completely, they fold the cards directly, so even if you have good cards is also useless.
      Fifthly, if you have less chips, be careful with all-in. This is the most hated player type. They are desperate under the worst situation. Put all your chips in one time you may have short-term profits, but in the long run you will be dead.

      Sixthly, hand tight and all-in can be used interchangeably. If you first give others in a very tight feeling, and then all-in once in a while, the probability to scare them will increase, they will think you get the big cards, but fell into your trap. But this kind of circumstance also should remember the third strategy. Don’t all-in to bluff others and you must have some hole cards.

      Seventhly, the raising of all-in is the most imposing. Before and after the river cards, if someone raises, you are not a flat call also not just raise some slightly, but All in, it can cause strong pressure on others - meaning the general situation is set, you dare to play? If there is no absolute good cards to each other, and they usually will be scare away, but also will come at the end of the match with a message "XX, gourd is on your hand, right?", as to what is on your hand, will become a riddle for him.

      Eighthly, big chips table please be careful with all-in. Large master tables are full of the courage, technology, luck, or deep-pocketed RMB gamers. Don't bring all-in every now and then in the small tables to this big chips tables, otherwise you will soon be eaten by this group of people.
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