Champion is here! Challenge 15$-1000$ completed.

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      :club: Hello guys I am 20 years old from Bulgaria :club:

      :spade:P laying poker since 18 I managed to make 3700$ Profit but than I stopped playin and now I am coming back to the game. :spade:

      :diamond: A week ago I deposited 15$ and started 12 tabling the 1$ games and this is how it went

      Well there are two choices in front of me either be a poker pro or work for 300$'s a month in Bulgaria poker seems more fun to me and more money!

      Well I will upload this blog daily I hope you guys follow me :)

      (Play 8 hours everyday)
      (From 15$ to 350$ in a month ) - ( Completed ) (within 17 days)!
      (350$-1200$) Next month

      Well here we go !

      Bankroll - 570$
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