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The Best Advice for the No-limit Poker Game

    • jayjoekuakua
      Joined: 27.09.2014 Posts: 19
      The choice of the Starting Hand: in the standard of 2 to 4 dollars no-limit game, you should have a 20-30% of the check card ratio. This is to say, in the first place, fold cards when you get AJ, in the middle position when you get KJ just fold, fold cards with the late position held QT.

      The choice of tables: only play the game that you have the advantages. Sat down in front of the table, you need at least two or three weaker players.

      Wrestle with players: you must analyze opponent, who play cards, who fold cards when being attacked, who is on the take bets, who hold the weak and take card with big bets, bluff will work on who, who will be a bluff, etc.

      Raise or fold: fold or raise/call (when you have big advantages). If there is no good reason (e.g., to trap the opponent), you should avoid to raise.
      Pay attention to the seriously big bets and raise: especially when turn card and the river cards, because most players do not bluff.

      Common mistakes in no-limit Texas poker:
      1, When you were defeated and hold good cards don't let go, so lose all chips in one hand cards.
      2, when others raise the chips, holding a weak hand cards and call.
      3, playing too much on starting hand.
      4, hold the best hand, don’t raise before turning the cards (to hold potential, pressure on the players who bets first), and in turn cards round after they go too far.
      5, relatively pot bet too much/less (to win less chips with much risk/does not protect the cards in the hand)

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