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Winning was the killer!

    • Mugpunter
      Joined: 08.10.2014 Posts: 3
      6 Years ago I first deposited 50 dollars on Stars and the 2nd 5 dollar MTT I played I stole 5th for 250 dollars. Looking back it was the worst thing that could of happened.
      Suddenly I thought ''easy game'' and wasted the next four years playing so badly that I look back now and literally cringe!
      I have always been a player who doesn't so much crash and burn through my money as I do slowly bleed it away.
      One session I may be up X dollars but the next I would lose that plus a few dollars on top.
      The main damage that initial win did was to make me complacent to the extent it never dawned on me I was actually utterly awful and that my winning spells weren't due to me but solely running good.
      Now I find I have so little free time I cant improve my game past the current level I am at which is not even good enough for 7 dollar 18 man SnGs, let alone MTT's.
      Sure I have my moments but I am still dripping money away and it is a source of frustration to wonder what may of been if only I had realised all that time ago, when I could of seriously studied, that I really needed to up my game.
      So in summation kids: stay modest, work hard, do whatever you can to improve but most of all ensure you enjoy it because even now I do what I can to promote Poker to friends and family as a great game even if my love for it is slowly fading away.
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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 10,677
      Hey Mugpunter,

      Welcome to :)

      You are not the first to be burnt by a luckbox run early in your poker career. Complacency sets in and you start to feel you have the right to just reg and print money.

      The trick of course is to recognise the fact that it may have been more luck than good play that drove your good early results.

      I wouldn't worry about the time aspect. Just set small goals; watch a video here, read a strategy article there, post hands for discussion and evaluation etc. After all Rome wasn't built in a day.

      Make sure you check out our free money offers. This will cost you nothing and will give you lifetime Bronze status.

      Bronze will give you a tracked room to earn SPs, the ability to send friend requests and PMs through our community tool. You will also be able to post images and graphs directly into your posts, as well as opening up more strategy and videos.

      Ideal for being able to watch those higher grade strategy and videos.

      Also, I'll move this to the 'General Poker Discussion' board.