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Donks guide to Spin n Go's

    • Mugpunter
      Joined: 08.10.2014 Posts: 3
      I have played around 150-200 7 dollar games (minute sample size etc I know, I know) but I have now retired as I promised myself once I went on a 10 game downswing I would walk away.
      That's happened and I have but here's a beginners guide (please note this isn't 100% serious)

      1. Play the country/avatar/stars not the cards
      First thing I always did was to look at the countries of my opponents. Im sure we all know the countries that seem to have a larger number of bingo playing gamblers than others. Of course the opposite applies, there are countries who seem to have a larger number of tighter players (guess one balances the other)
      Also look at the avatars. There used to be a gag about players who had pictures of their kids/pets/missus/sports team generally being bad players that still seems applicable.
      Look to those players who proudly display their status too. You can broadly assume that anyone gold level or above has an idea what they're doing.

      2. 3 handed - play tight
      This is obvious but it's amazing how often two players will go at it all in with garbage very early in the game.
      It really isn't always a bad spot to be facing someone with a 1000-500 chipcount heads up.

      3. Play your cards.
      The vast majority of the time it is pointless putting your opponent on a range as they will play any two randoms and hope.
      There is very little idea of stuff like the gap concept so basically play any two pair from 8s up and any two pictures, Q10, K9 and A8+ and pray!!

      good luck!
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