(Re)Starting my Journey

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      So I've decided to become a much more active member of pokerstrategy, and what better way than to start a challenge/blog about my journey.

      History: Been playing micro/low stakes NLH for about 5 years now. Was also staked for a short period of time whilst studying at uni, then more recently travelled South America and am now working in finance. Decided to fire up the poker again, obviously this time with a lot less volume than when I was a student! Hoping to build a roll again, going to play mostly 6max NLH Cash but will also fire at a few tournaments here and there, as I used to be solely a tournament player, so still enjoy this format.

      Starting out way down in the micros, at mostly 10NL, and when the 20NL games are especially good, playing them as well. This is because I want to stick to my BR management that I've set myself (which so many micro players do not do). Saying that, I am not sticking to strict BR guidelines as I feel due to my experience I do not need to have a massive amount if buy ins at this level, a level I have beaten many times.

      Starting bank roll: $130

      I will update later with some graphs after a first session etc.

      If anyone has any study groups etc that may suit me then please mention here, as well as strategy guides aimed at intermediate to high level thinking players. Feel free to ask any questions and make any suggestions!

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