$1/$1 nl live question

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      Hello Everyone,

      Firstly sorry for my bad english. there is a strange game in my town and i would like to ask you what is the most profitable play in this game. game is played no limit. sb: $1 and bb is also: $1. the minimum buyin: $50. sometimes 6 sometimes 9 players or 7 - 8. everybody sits with $50 maybe 1 or 2 sits with $100 but after 1 or 2 hours they have $100 - $150 approximately. there is no maximum limit. you can even sit with $1.000. all hands, everybody limps. if i make it $15, 5 players call but sometimes 2 players call but at least 2 players. when they raise before the flop the make it $6 or $10. they always chase flushes and straights no matter how big or small. some of them never fold to a cbet with their 54o on a QT5 rainbow flop. and they almost everytime show their hands. for example they have 45o on a 67J rainbow flop. they call the cbet and the turn bet and fold after river bet because they didnt hit and after the hand they show their hand and say how can i fold? they think they have the nuts. if they have KcTcs on Ac6c2d flop, they are sure they are going to win, they can bet their house on that flop. And they will never raise you if they don't have a big made hand. If they are raising you they have a big made hand coz they show you after the hand. It is a very easy fold if you have AA on T82 rainbow flop and they reraise you after the flop. On this flop if they have a pair they call you if they have a draw they call you if they have 2p or a set they will raise you. And the game is played very fast and 8-9 hours each time and 3 times in a week. So, how should my play be in this game? How much my buyin should be? How much bankroll? And how much do you think i can make in this game playing solid ABC poker? Any other comments are appreciated. Thank you.
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