$3.40 SnG Turbo's at Stars

    • SalamiandCheese
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      Ugghhh. Is it me or are those sng's real bad? Raising there is useless since you're gonna get like 3+ callers anyways, people love min betting the flop for some reason but I never make my draw anyways, call, call, suck, suck. I put $50 into Stars to check it out but I'm down 14 buy-in's on the $3.40 sng's after 20 of them. I had 252 buy-in's for that limit to begin with, however.

      I didn't qualify for the PS bonus so the $50 bonus is all I"m getting. I think I should just forget Stars. That site seems to be no good. I have the last of my $50 on a $6.50 turbo sng. Wish me luck... X(
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    • curnow
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      stars is great place for sng , just find one u can beat , personaly prefer the 27/45/180 man games as better return & less boring

      the weekends there is so many more bad players on there as well so sometimes they gonna suckout
    • miskokvo
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      bro down 14BI is so standart at turbo sng format .... u can expect 30-50bi downswing easily... belive me i have experience with that.... 14BI is every one or 2 week.... at my game every 3 days probably