reading while practicing

    • Socialhabit
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      i've been practicing a bit more then usual, on free roll's and 40 - 100 ppl tournaments, been able to get on some prizes and got alot further into the final table so i can say its and improvement O.o

      keep posting useful stuff i'm reading it and advice for all novice player to do so.

      good luck :D :f_love:
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    • cccpXIRNMD
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      the problem for new players is that there is just way to much content.
      now where do you start ? what pushes your game futher ?
      it's not so easys.

      now in poker if just have to specialize as much as possible.
      be it SNGs, Mtts, or cashgames (lots of variations here)

      check out whats suits you the best and start studying in that area.

      however, I recommend you play MTTs as there are and always will be enough fish.

      check out the strategy articles on this site and keep moving.

      good luck
    • Lazza61
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      @Socialhabit. Keep that improvement coming. :s_thumbsup: I love final tables and get such a kick when i can literally see everyone I have to get past. :s_evil:

      @cccpXIRNMD Great advice. I would also add "Don't be afraid to ask questions". When I first joined PokerStrategy I couldn't find anything either so I asked questions. :)