Been 1 Month Since Withdrawl. No Money. getting frustrated!

    • Devoaves504
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      I asked for a withdrawl through bank transfer about a month ago, for 51$ and 49$. I gave all my bank statements over a week or two ago and everytime I message support, they always tell me they are forwarding my emails. But they aren't. I haven't gotten any emails from them regarding my withdrawls. Why have I not heard anything? I'm getting completely frustrated and it's making it real hard to prep the site.

      I heard from a friend there are Mansion Poker Representatives here. I'm stating my displeasure here, because this is the only place where i'll get an answer. I'm extremely dis-satisfied with my service.

      I don't want to come off as a douchebag. But, it's a large sum of money for me and I would really like to have it back.

      I hope it's understandable. Thanks.
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    • Marta
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      Hi Devoaves504,

      sorry to hear about your problems with the withdrawal at Mansion.
      Is your Mansion account affiliated with by any chance? It would be easier for us to help you, if it was.

      It might not be the best idea to discuss the account specific topics in the forum, therefore please send us a ticket using the support form at the bottom of the page.

      We will see if anything can be done.

    • gadget51
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      Hey there devoaves504,

      Did you get your problem resolved to your satisfaction? We would be pleased to know how we did, so any feedback is appreciated.