In many low pot match, if you are in the final position, players give cards to you when they flip cards, you raise the chips and bluff others, the player in front of you raises too, but not large, at this time you should call, because mostly he is to listen to a card or with a weak kicking in medium cards, card is good but is not strong enough to all-in, his raising just want you to be cautious, cooling bets.

During turn card circle you can check whether he bet, if the bet is still very weak, continue to call. If turn circle card, an opponent pass, you immediately take the initiative to all-in and forced him to fold. In general, you are so strong to call 2 street and all-in, opponents pass if they are in river card, it means he does not want to continue to input, basically won't call with you all-in.
Of course, you also need to think about what card he's waiting for, if he's listening to the cards have come out just a, but he just give it up, he may be planning to give you dig a card all-in the pit, you must be vigilant!