Moving up husng

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    • kurrkabin
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      Are we speaking HU hyper sng or HU turbo sngs? For hypers, I usually go 100 BI up until 7$, 200BI at about 15$, 300 BI at midstakes. These are all numbers for HU hyper sngs. I think that you can certainly go with less, but 40-50 BI swing happens from time to time and it can affect your mental game heavily. Imagine you have just 150 BI and you lose 1/3 of your roll for 2 weeks, when you had to work for it for a few months. It also depends on the rake/rakeback deal you are getting. My examples are for

      For dropping limits, I think you can go a bit aggressive with your bankroll and try f.e. the 15s when you have 100 BIs and drop back to the 7s when you've lost 30BI. Once you regain-you try again.

      I am not so sure how it works with the turbos, but I would imagine it's gonna be a bit easier on the swings, so lower BR will be needed.
    • Rumpalipoika
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      Thanks for tips mate!