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ranges - a beginners question - adapting to other players

    • dragonste
      Joined: 28.06.2010 Posts: 136
      Hi all

      Am just trying to understand the whys an whats about ranges. I know the tighter my opponents range the more i can open raise and the looser my opponents range the tighter i play. This i know, and i can put it into practice to a very basic level. But i am not 100% sure i know the why behind it.

      I think its a lot to do with the expression being ahead or behind his range.

      If my opponent has a tighter range:
      I my loose open raising range will make him fold preflop - yes
      But if he calls he will have a edge against me postflop his two cards are likely to have my dominated for example i raise my ATo as a preflop move to steal the blinds, hes not gonna 3bet call anything AJo+ for example so i would be dominated right?

      If my opponents has a looser range
      If my tight open raise AKs preflop and i get a call from his 30%vpip from the blinds for example. He is swinging and hoping right? But for this example i need to hit aswel, or i cant really bluff at this flop because he is a loose opponent an is likely to call.

      Am i right in my thinking? I am trying to get to the core of my thoughts an the reasons behind everything i am doing. I am struggling to get the opponent adaptation part of my game right. ABC poker is ok, read the flop bet accordingly, now i wanna go to the next level. I can put him on ranges an be able to guess his card range by the end of the hand. I just want to know the funderments please.

      Just telling me where am going wrong when i am adapting to other players. Being ahead or behind his range is the part that confuses me a bit i think.

      Cheers guys.
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    • Agiz19
      Joined: 19.03.2007 Posts: 1,126
      You are def right when you play robotic players who dont play poker but whore for rake with ranges area made up thing of theory donks who have no practical xp and have technical intelligence, thinking outside the box is prohibited and you will burn on the market square for it because you are a heretic if you dont use the mainstream approach. :f_cool: :heart:
    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,762
      Hi, dragonste...
      Agiz19 is quite right -- having an accurate estimate of the range your opponent plays is a starting point -- no more.

      It is possible to play poker strictly "by the numbers" where "my range beats his range so in the long run I'll win" is how you play.

      On the other hand, it is possible to play the player.
      If you know that a tight player is in the blinds, and folds a lot post-flop (you DO take notes, right?) then you can open-raise, and if he doesn't fold, then take the pot post-flop.

      Then if he doesn't fold, he likely has a hand and you can get away from it.

      Good poker is as much about minimizing loss as it is about maximizing gain.

      Knowing the various player types, and knowing how to play post-flop on different board textures is at least as important as putting a player on a range.