In case i was unawares

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      35"HELLO THERE!! Its me!"
      18 "Hi, I'm SheldonDarrell in case i didnt know"
      "I am 32 years young and I am gonna play me some poker."
      "Hello to me too, I am also playing from Edmonton Alberta in Canada,
      and now, thanks to pokerstrategy, I am a member of Netbet with an actual money bankroll!!"
      "Well thats great news, I'm sure I'm glad to hear it, for I have been playing for about a month or so on full tilt, pokerstars, and have tried pokermira and pokerminds"
      "It is largely thanks to my [Edited by Lazza61] account and now, just about the same in comparison, thanks to 'strategy' that, I am not only a (self-thought) half-assed decent pokerer,"
      "But that it cost next to nothin to find that out!!"
      "Well its nice to meet me and I wish me the best of luck"

      P.s. Well i hope that this is post is good enough to qualify as a post sufficiently INTRODUCING MYSELF
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