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      Hello there! Im kind of new here.
      Ive been playing poker for about a year now. Started playing with friends at a local bar. Was a total fish though.
      Read something, played a couple of times on Stars for fun and tried a couple of other sites.
      I got really hooked up on poker and started reading articles in this site, but not too seriously, just enough that i wouldnt be a total fish.
      About a month ago started thinking bout giving a shot at grinding.
      Deposited 50 bucks and lost them in like two weeks because of lack of skill and major tilt.
      Now i deposited another 50 at Stars a week ago and got up to about 100, then again down to 60. Found out that i cant get strategy points off Stars because i downloaded the software before i knew about this site. So i withdraw from Stars and deposited in Titan and got the bonus. My goal is to grind a couple of weeks in Titan, so i can read more articles and then continue my quest to glory at Stars! My favorite is Stars because theres a buttload of tables open at all times. And the bonus system is good too.
      Any tips and links to articles that i should read about the micros etc? I know the basic stuff about bankroll management and have read almost everything that you can read with bronze level in the no limit section.
      Looking forward taking part in conversations and learning in the forum!
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