Notes/Label colors

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    • PerusJamppa
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      I have quite basic labels:

      Calling Station

      Names are in english/finnish/finglish so they probably don't help you much, but those are the rough definitions how i have labeled players.
    • Svinhugg
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      Its very personal and depends on your needs. This is how I think for the moment:

      My worst opponents are LAGs- loose-aggressives. So I give them RED. The ones that isnt good and maybe can be exploitable I give a lighter shade of red.

      NITs aren't that hard to handle but I want to know because they might have good cards if they enter the pot. YELLOW

      Calling stations and loose-passives I like so they get to shades of green.

      The most common player-type whom I have at least 100 hands on (on zoom) are TAGs. My interest here is that these people have the same range as me so I give them two shades of BLUE depending on their quality.

      Maniacs get purple but you dont see much of those.

      And orange for those that I havent figured out yet but wont to observe.

      The only fish around i me and I dont need to tag myself :)

    • Megacorpse
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      Pretty basic here:

      yellow: guy looks bad but still not sure if he's a fish (low # of hand etc. but did something a typical fish does). Hes close to getting the green mark :f_biggrin:

      green: Bad players. I dont categorize players with colors (green for cs, blue for maniac because I see it from the stats). Green is for players I want to play with every time, looks like they dont know much about theory. So I put all the cs and maniacs here

      Purple: nits and bad tags. 10/6 players or players with big basic leaks like they fold to 80% of steals, fold to every cbet, reraise or whatever. Not your main source of income but I don't mind having them at the table.

      orange: Guys that look good. Normal tag stats, harder to spot any leaks in their game. Good to analyse after getting lots of hands on them

      red: guys that are as good/better than me. The 'I don't want to mess with this guy color'.
    • gadget51
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      Hi 4s4s4s,

      As you can see in other posts, the colours you choose don't have set rules so you can use what you like really.

      I would say to make sure you use the same colour for the same player type each time! :D