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How to become a better player?

    • elleonps
      Joined: 26.05.2014 Posts: 2
      Good afternoon from sunny Florida. Decided to take the plunge today and become a better player. My short term goal is to be a winner at lower to mid limit S&Gs. How I plan on going about it is to:
      1. Read and study poker strategy articles and video (paid some $$ so I can get more content)
      2. Try to understand the “why” for the poker strategy advice.
      3. Get feet wet at lower limit S & Gs (in past I think I am a net loser at these tournys) that is why I “took the plunge”
      4. Do self analysis after each game
      5. Keep record of progress (investment/ return ) an “mistakes” and missed opportunities.
      6. I am thinking about a daily “blog” so I can create some self- accountability – do not have coach or wife to nag me so I need to develop some self-discipline (any ideas on how to develop self-discipline would be appreciated)

      So off to races - studying the low limits basis strategy S&G charts.

      Is my initial goal realistic? Or can I (or anyone) beat the vig at the low limits?
      Does it really require a lot of bad players at table to beat the vig?
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    • IvicaIliev77
      Joined: 31.05.2012 Posts: 4,327
      Welcome and will be following this blog closely!

      Regarding your goals, I believe that you will reach them if you are persistant and hard working.
      To beat anybody in poker in today's games. you have to be willing to work harder then the rest of the opponents you face. It is true that micro and low stakes are still beatable but there is still a lot of areas to cover and study in SNGs to maintain solid ROI.

      Since you don't have a coach or wife to nag you :D , you should use this blog to keep yourself accountable for your actions. If you need additional motivation, find accountability partner, person you can chat on regular basis (daily, weekly or every other day) and mention all the things you did with your poker progress.

      Best of luck and as I said will be following this closely!
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 10,685
      Hey elleonps,

      Welcome to the forums. :)

      It's so nice to see an American here. We do so look forward to the day when you are back in the mainstream poker world.

      Make sure you get yourself added to our Member map. The US is such a big country and we have too few red arrows.

      Would love to see you start a blog and would follow for sure. :f_biggrin:

      Good luck