Binary options

    • Toothless32
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      Hi, I am a student with tons of free time and I make couple hundred bucks monthly playing poker, but I really dont enjoy the game more then 2-3 hours a day so I have been looking for something else to do in my spare time.

      Bumped into binary options and it seemed somehow viable, altough so far I am pretty sceptical about it. I would like to know if someone maybe has a first hand experience with this and knows how viable / nonviable it actually is? Thanks.

      Oh, also if someone has some tip for something like that, something viable one can do couple hours a day to make some extra income, I would appreciate it. :)
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, Toothless32,
      I've looked into it, but I don't have the time to devote to the amount of study required.

      Besides, too much like gambling :coolface:

    • Kokuruz
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      Binary options are just gambling because to predict whether a stock will go up or down in the next few minutes is kinda impossible if you want to be earning from stocks go to trading.
    • lynius
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      It's pure speculation and you can't really predict which way the market will move in the short term and the markets are generally efficient (accurate in price).

      Now those 2 points aren't 100% true; but now you have to ask yourself where you're going to find your edge (value) whilst competing against others. Consider also that by "others" i mean quants working for investment banks with PHDs and super computers.