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      decided to start a blog and get some self discipline at same time:
      yesterday left following message in the introduce self forum
      day 1 - oct 25-14
      Good afternoon from sunny Florida. Decided to take the plunge today and become a better player. My short term goal is to be a winner at lower to mid limit S&Gs. How I plan on going about it is to:
      1. Read and study poker strategy articles and video (paid some $$ so I can get more content)
      2. Try to understand the “why” for the poker strategy advice.
      3. Get feet wet at lower limit S & Gs (in past I think I am a net loser at these tournys) that is why I “took the plunge”
      4. Do self analysis after each game
      5. Keep record of progress (investment/ return ) an “mistakes” and missed opportunities.
      6. I am thinking about a daily “blog” so I can create some self- accountability – do not have coach or wife to nag me so I need to develop some self-discipline (any ideas on how to develop self-discipline would be appreciated)

      So off to races - studying the low limits basis strategy S&G charts.

      Is my initial goal realistic? Or can I (or anyone) beat the vig at the low limits?
      Does it really require a lot of bad players at table to beat the vig?

      day 2- oct 26-14

      been studying the low limit SNG strategy. has anyone actually been successful using it? seems like to me with thee tight play and the house rake and a doney percentage of 10% you would be doing good to get a 5% return on your money. and when you consider all other related costs (computer - training - travel) its a money loser. do you really have to select games where the donkey ratio is more than 20%?

      may go out today and find out where the donkey are having a convention? BTW. I live in South Florida any ideas about where to look?

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