Raugas14 Get Rch or Die Tryin'

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      Hello fellow pokerstrategists,
      i came across interesting thread Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge - Opt-in now! and since i love challenges i have decided to join in :D

      :diamond: Starting bankroll: 600€(william hill) 60$(888)
      :diamond: Goal: 3000€ (WH) or 1200$ (888)

      What you can expect from this challenge is really stupid aggressive brm. Actually there will be no brm, i will just play mtts i feel like playing.
      These are the games i will be 100% playing today:
      35$ Turbo deep
      12$ Mega dozen

      15€ 500gtd
      75€ sunday special
      *20€+R sunday actio
      *20€ sunday masters sat
      *30€ iPOPs mini ME
      25€ super sunday
      5€ micro sunday

      *- will be multiple entries or rebuy

      Lets ship some :D
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      Good luck.
    • raugas14
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      it's monday and i should write a weekly recap, since it's my second day of the blog i will call it sundays recap :D
      Went broke on 888 busting 16.5$mtt AA<qjs (floped straight flush lol), and sitting out 35$Turbo deep 12$ Mega dozen since i could not log into my account once i got a error ?(

      on the william hill side it was a pretty poor day mtt vise, made a deep run in 20r 6max finished 16th, cashed in few 15€ tourneys, did not win a sat to sunday masters yet decided to reg in for 150€ was playing my a game yet a missclick ended up my journey 10players from itm (i was sitting 25th (27paid)).
      Since i spend 9hours playing mtts, i was feeling too tired for more so decided to play some cash.
      started playing nl100 1table hu 1-6max. Ended up playing 2/4€ HU against a mediocre reg who i felt i was having edge on. These are the results:

      so total bankroll:

      Don't know if i will play much today(were in a party) atm playing only 1 mtt (aren't any i am interested in playing) so maybe will add some cash but will see about that

      Goodluck forum :)