PKR $45

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    • NijeVaznoKoSam
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      I suggest to read the whole e-mail. Maybe you'll find out what to do in order to receive the full 45€...
    • murzius
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      i think it was 10insta and it will be step by step acumulating pkr points
    • Marta
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      Hey squat666!

      Thanks for the question.

      The promised $45 is indeed free money, however there are certain steps to be taken to be able to get the full amount. There are 3 stages:

      1st - $10 free poker cash: you register a new account with the code and the money gets transferred (done)

      2nd - $5 in free SnG tickets: you need to invite a friend to after you have received your free money, check out how to invite a friend

      3rd - $30 free poker cash: you need to deposit at least $10 using the deposit code "PS125", on top you will get:

      -- $12.50 to $500 bonus, depending on how much you deposit
      -- Up to 32% rakeback
      -- 6 tickets to freeroll tournaments with a prize pool of $2,500

      Hope it helps! Regards.
    • squat666
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      Hi Marta

      Thank you very much for clearing this out. I managed to miss this information completely. It wasn't in the e-mail but I guess it was on the page the link on the mail lead to which, unfortunately, wasn't accessible anymore once I had entered my nick and proceeded to the next page.

      Best regards
    • Marta
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      Glad I could help!

      Good luck at the tables :)