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      Author: "PokerStars Steve"

      PokerStars Changes to Rake, Spin & Go Prizes, and Battle of the Planets

      The following changes will be implemented for and shared liquidity sites in the near future. Implementation dates are included for each change and full tables detailing the changes are provided at the end of the post.

      Battle of the Planets

      The week ending Saturday, November 01 will be the final week of the Battle of the Planets promotion. Prizes will be paid out this week as per normal.

      Rake Changes Effective November 03, 2014

      Rake will increase for all stakes of heads-up hyper turbo Sit & Go tournaments.

      Tournament fees for all forms of knockout tournaments, including both scheduled and Sit & Go tournaments, will now be equivalent to tournament fees charged for similar non-knockout tournaments. This is a change for all forms of knockout tournaments except for progressive super knockout tournaments for which tournament fees will not change.

      Hyper-turbo scheduled tournament fees will increase from 2% to approximately half of the fees charged for other scheduled tournaments at same or similar buy-in levels.

      The cap for ring game rake for hands dealt at PL/NL games to exactly two players will increase to $2 for stakes $25/$50 and higher and $1 for all other stakes.

      The cap for ring game rake for PL/NL games at $25/$50 and higher stakes with 5+ players dealt in will increase from $3 to $5.

      Spin & Go rake will be increased at stakes $3 and above. Spin & Go prize distribution will change to offer top prizes of 3000x the buy-in at each pool, increased from 1000x.

      Rakes Changes Effective January 01, 2015

      Hyper-turbo satellite Sit & Go fees will be increased at stakes below $2,000 from 2% to an amount equivalent to roughly 75% of the fees charged for cash prize hyper-turbo Sit & Go tournaments of the same buy-in.

      New tournament fees will apply in rebuy tournaments for players whose play is subject to significant local taxes in the form of gaming duty and/or VAT. For such players, tournament fees equivalent to those charged for initial buy-ins will be charged for rebuys and add-ons. We will soon provide a full list of sites/countries affected on January 01, but as examples,,,, and will qualify due to gaming duty and players from Germany will qualify due to VAT.

      See the tables below for some examples:

      Sit & Go

      Cash game


      Spin & Go

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      And so the reign of Amaya begins...
    • vandeuren
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      does rake change for NL2, NL5 and NL10? 1$ cap on rake seems quite ridiculous imo
    • Yoshimitsu77
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      Are they not making enough money already?
    • mineriva
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      Last month they also boosted the bottom line by terminating a lot of affiliates and pocketing the money that would have gone to them.
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      Originally posted by mineriva
      Last month they also boosted the bottom line by terminating a lot of affiliates and pocketing the money that would have gone to them.
      Also don't forget the 2.5% take on fees as well!
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      It's about to go down, I'm yelling timber...
    • tonypmm
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      Originally posted by vandeuren
      does rake change for NL2, NL5 and NL10? 1$ cap on rake seems quite ridiculous imo
      It's for 2 players only. So HUNL50, HUPLO50 (HU tables aren't offered for lower stakes) and those who start tables will get raked much more. But those who always play 3+ handed will suffer only indirectly.
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      Thanks Amaya, ur doing it great! :pokerface:
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      Is this the last straw? Is it time to finally admit to ourselves that PokerStars is no longer any better than the other shitty online pokersites?
    • mineriva
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      Posting it here in the hope some Pokerstars Rep will see it:

      In the comments to this change some guys came up with what I believe is a brilliant idea:

      Why not put ads on the table visible only to the players that had folded? This is a source of revenue.
    • tightfish19
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      And then when they've got used to that why not put them on while they are playing hands as well.

      Bit of a slippery slope that one.
    • JoaoAP
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    • cccpXIRNMD
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      hi guys,

      everybody knows that Stars has increases the rake since the company is not traded on wallstreet and it's all about the money and making the company profitable.
      you can make any company profitable. the question is how. you can cut some employees : check , you can increase the charges , check.

      so what are we going to do about it. just sit around, complain as wild and do nothing about it? probably yes. after all what can 1 person do ? nothing , right ? WRONG
      ever heard of Kennedy , King, Gandhi , Thesla ? they did and so can we.
      and it's much easier to do it together. in fact maybe it's the only way.

      do you remember the ice bucket challenge ? how the hell did that happen ?
      well it started with 1 guy and others follow and soon it spread all over the world.

      now the question is you want to accept other cut in you life and the government and all those big companies do each year. everything gets more and more expensive and you earn less and less money but need to work harder and harder.
      why does it still work ? the only reason is because the majority of the people complain and accept it. just imagine what whould happen if people from a town , a country or the whole world stood together and decided not to work for 1 day and protest again the greede of the corporations?
      but more and more people are waking up and there are mass protest that are barely covered by mainstream lying media.

      we the people have the power ! we just need to use it wisely

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      so I encourage everybody , black or white, male or female chrome or supernova status to speak out !

      there has already been 1 day on the 5th of November that did not have much impact whatsoever. but so what ? success is standing up 1 more time than you fall down.
      Did Thomas Edisson quit woring on the electric light bulp after 1 fail.
      no he keept trying 10 000 times untill it finally worked. and when asked about it he said
      "I did not fail, i just found 10 000 ways that did not work "

      So lets get started.
      I suggest to do the following: ( please also share your ideas what else we can do and how we can use our power)

      1. we do not play on the 5th of each month

      2. everybody writes a mail to PokerStars on that day and tells them that they do not like the new changes and therefore will not play today and on every 5th of each month untill things change ( it would be cool if someone could write a mail that everybody could just copy and paste )

      3. stay active . write in the forum , write to pokerstars , keep the topic hot

      4. everybody is welcome to copy my test and paste or whereever he wants

      5. 2+2 and strategy should also work together I think and we should create 1 big thread
      maybe on facebook
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      You might like this news: PokerStars cancels rake increases :)