24h poker or pkr?

    • smellslikecheapspiryt
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      Hey, en. community!

      Polish player livin' in UK here. On average I play on unlinked P* account, so got to build up my status elsewhere.

      iPoker not. Just not. Not again.

      After a little research, pkr and 24h seem to be the best options. Which 'd you recommend? Currently I play NL5 SH and most important for me are:
      - trouble-free withdrawals
      - possiblity to run those 10-14 tables
      - possiblity to run those 10-14 tables without lags/freezes (i7, 6gb ram, proper graphic)
      - your experience :)

      Thank you in advance :f_thumbsup:

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    • Lazza61
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      Hey smellslikecheapspiryt

      To the best of my knowledge 24hpoker haven't applied for a UK licence, so it may be better to stay away from there.

      That leaves PKR and have you considered 888. They both have limitations with multi-tabling. I know 888 restrict the number of SNAP (fast fold) tables you can play, but I'm not sure about regular tables. Traffic is excellent with multiple tables running at NL4, NL5 and NL6 (checked at midday GMT so traffic should be even better).

      PKR will restrict you to 9 tables max but I think you may struggle to get the traffic to play that many tables except maybe at absolute peak periods.