I've noticed those 3 player turbo SNG's on Titan and Mansion and decided to give it a try. Those who are familiar with Double Up SNG's may think this is approximately the same, but with higher variance. However, from my own experience I can tell this is not entirely true. This is a winner-takes-all SNG, you don't get paid for outlasting your opponents. You really do have to get all the chips to cash, all or nothing.

The similarity with the DoN's is that you have to cash in a certain percentage to break even, minus the rake. With DoN's, you have to cash in more than 50% of the cases to make profit. With ToN's (tripple or nothing) the mark is 33% minus rake, but it puts more emphasis on skill rather than luck, and you actually learn something.

Reads are of major importance. During the early rounds, when the blinds are low, you have the chance to observe your opponents and learn as much as possible about their playing style. There are only three players, so you're always in the hand (blinds or button). You therefore play significantly more hands than a normal SnG, and so do your opponents, this gives you a chance to pick up more reads. I like to limp a lot with mediocre hands, playing a lot of cheap pots to get to know my opponents better, and occasionally hitting a big hand. It also builds a reputation, encouraging your opponents to bet you out of the pot, so you can trap them when you actually do have a strong hand. It's best not to build a huge pot pre-flop unless you have AA/KK: you won't always hit, and a hand like QQ can sometimes be hard to fold, even with a K on the board.

Eventually, someone busts, and you'll be playing HU. Everyone has his own style, but I've been most successful with selective aggression. With a big stack, put pressure on your opponent, but be prepared to give up your hand if you suspect you're behind. I've seen people holding AA min-raising my raise just to keep me in the pot. Try stripping your opponent of chips with lots of small pots (e.g. steals) rather than hoping to win one big race. Remember, even 72 has 33% chance to beat AK pre-flop, so it's best to wait until you make a hand and then start extracting the chips out of your opponent, unless the situation really asks for a push.

With a small(er) stack, don't despair. A chip and a seat is enough to win. Against most cards, you're rarely more than a 2:1 dog, so don't be afraid to steal. Even if you get called, you can still suck out. The worst thing to do is try to wait for good hands. You're playing HU, you can get blinded out really fast, so don't let that happen. If the blinds are still small, you can outplay your opponent post-flop, so you have to rely less on luck. Again, reading the opponent is imperative.

Overall, up to $5.50, the opponents are very bad, and most have less experience than you in ToN's, or even in SnG's in general. I've won 7 out of 9 $5.50's the past two days, although not without luck in a few. But in general I can say it's hard to run card dead since you and your opponents are forced to play more hands anyway, so it's all about who outplays who, as long as you don't go all-in pre-flop.

Anyone else playing these? Let us know what strategy you use for them!