wich way is correct?

    • shanesmith
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      I have a question that is really bugging me and I hope someone can answer me to put my stress levels back to zero.

      The conundrum is this. Game is hyper turbo 6 max

      We have 10bb on the btn with 4 players remaining, now assuming to pure nash we should shove 32.9%, 22+ A2s+ A3o+ K5s+ KTo+ Q7s+ QTo+ J7s+ JTo T7s+ T9o 97s+ 87s 76s - this is assuming that the sb and bb are calling 9.8% and 13.5% respectably.

      Know at the $1.50 level I now they are not calling this tight, I expect them to call a 20% range for both players, so when using HRC if I change the sb and bb to a 20% calling range the pushing range changes dramatically to 12.8%, 44+ A7s+ A8o+ KQs

      So my question is, wich is the correct way to approach this?
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    • Mark1790
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      Hi Shane
      I'm not an expert but in my opinion you need to tighten up if they are calling wider than Nash.
      If two players have 20% ranges you will get called about 36% time.
      Do you really want T7s etc all in for 10 BB about 36% of the time?

      PS hope you get some more replies as this is a great question.
    • shanesmith
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      Thx very much for that reply mark, its the answer I was looking for, now I can stop stressing lol