Young Swedish player getting back into poker

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      Hello everybody! My name is Anton and im 20 years old from Sweden. I study engineering at university and play a ton of DotA on my spare time. However i decided to take a break from DotA for a while and got back into poker last week.

      I am not a terrible poker player but i have alot to learn and alot of leaks to fix :) . I prefer to play tournaments and i sadly suck at BRM so even tho i at lower stakes have an edge i usually get in my own way of building a bankroll entering tournaments with 10% of my roll(Hopefully im gonna fix this).

      I decided to try to be active on this forum at least somewhat as i hope it will improve my game and make it more fun:) also it allows me to talk to people about poker wich is nice.

      I prefer to play MTTs and i do like to gamble so i guess you could say i play for fun. My goal is rather to get better than to win money :) and also having fun. Hopefully we will have alot of nice conversations over the years!

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