Pre-flop raise sizes.

    • Styr
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      What should the correct pre-flop raise (with AA,KK) be in the early stages of a normal speed 9max SNG?

      I could probably get away with betting smaller with lesser hands like AKo, QQ-TT, where I'd have a better idea where I stand on the flop.

      Tried with 3BB, can't get the degenerates who want to hit two pair with J7o out.
      Tried with 4BB - no difference.
      Tried with 5BB - a lot of [insert dirty word here] still call with 66 and so on. Obviously 94o will call to for reasons that escape me, when there are people already in the hand.

      Same thing with re-raising, re-stealing. Or should I just push ALL IN and hope for a (apparent) miracle?

      Thought I would finally find some signs of intelligent life (at least a hint of it) at the $7 level. Naive me.
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    • SDK1987
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      I raise pre-flop the same amount with every hand I’m playing on the $7 stakes.
      10/20 and 15/30 I always raise 3x and 1x extra for a limper.
      On higher blinds mine raise sizing will be 2,5x or less.
      If I 3 bet it will be max 3x against 1 opponent and against more I make it 1x bigger or push all-inn when I need to invest more than 25% of mine stack. This works fine for me and off course you have always chance an opponent outdraw you on flop or later streets, but that’s part of the game.
    • DarkoK3
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      I agree with SKD, but with hand KK and AA with blinds 10/20 i like to raise at least 7x bb. And for a reraise, i do 3x of initial raise but not pushing untill im investing more than 50% of my stack because i want to give fish a chance to take the bait.
      And man, i can feel you. "Thought I would finally find some signs of intelligent life (at least a hint of it) at the $7 level. Naive me. " So God damn true :D
    • ghaleon
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      Well raise as big as villains want to keep calling. In general versus decent villains your sizing should not alter by hand strength, but by effective stacks and position.

      Those recreational players calling with trash or small pockets to hit set without stack depth to do so will be ones to support your bankroll in long run. Most of time they are reluctant to fold that 94o in J95xx board and you can get three streets value with your top pair. Of course some of time they will hit that two pairs on flop or hit couple outer by the river, but that is part of the game and without those they would quit poker very quickly. After all poker is just game of luck right? :)

      Some of my personal sizing tendencies:

      In early blinds:
      2.5bb from late position (BU, CO, HJ)
      3bb from earlier position and SB

      In 25/50 or later:
      Mostly minraising and possibly using bit bigger sizing from SB.

      When there are limpers adding 1bb or so per limper. In bigger blinds like 50/100 I might also iso raise with 2.5bb versus one limper.

      Those are for mid/high stakes games where players are usually not as call happy. Some people also use minraise from beginning in higher stakes, but personally I dont like that as it so much easier generate 3-4way pots. One of reasons why I tend to 3bet bit more hands versus such opens compared to 3bb open.

      3bets should be smaller from position compared to OOP situations. E.g. I prefer around 2.5x IP and 3x OOP versus just open raise. Versus fishy villains those can be easily larger as they like to continue with wide range and your range for 3betting is likely more value heavy than versus decent opponent.