playing against a megafish

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    • G1lius
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      I think you can 3-bet him with a lot to isolate him. If you're last to act, I'd just call to see what the flop brings with more marginal hands.
      If he calls down too much (I presume that's the case), I would just play fit or fold, and go by the odds.

      Although he's very exploitable, it's not that easy to play these kind of players, since they are often tricky players, and due to his extreme wide range, it's hard to put him on a good handrange.
      It's easy to go on tilt against such players.
    • ciRith
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      Hi lennert9,

      playing maniacs as a beginner is very difficult and may not the best to do. ou have to start calling down a lot looser than you are used to and if you do it in the wrong spots you will lose more than you can gain with your good hands.

      You can get looser but don't be too loose and don't forget that you need to consider your own position as the players behind you are still to act.
    • lennert9
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      thx for the advise...
      A few hands after I posted this thread he left the tables, but still took him down for 16bb when I picked up KK and he kept on raising with 68o:D