placemint for fulltilt

    • PedroMiguelRP
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      hi guys,

      I am trying to play SnG STT FR (9 man) on fulltilt using the placemint but I cant manage to setup the placemint for fulltilt. It works fine on pokerstars, but it doesnt on fulltilt.

      I know that I have to get some code for the regular expression to detect the tables from fulltilt, but I dont know how to write the code. All the codes I got so far dont work on fulltilt.

      If someone could help I'd be really grateful!

      Thanks in advance.
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    • hizintak
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      I'm also interested in an answer for this problem, tried setting it up myself but no luck.
    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, hizintak

      New coach in da house?

      If so, Welcome to!

      I'd love to help but I've no idea what placemint is or does.

      OK -- I just googled it, and because it is free, I might give it a try.

      I have an AutoHotKey script that does more or less the same thing, but placemint might have some extras

    • hizintak
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      not so new, but ty :)
      i got it to work with PS, but obviously want to work with all poker rooms i play on.