Can't access execute keys on my PC

    • JohnJames97
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      When i click on the round Elephant top left screen / hud settings pops up ok.
      Then i set my parameters ok.
      Now what ?
      I can't see/access with mouse pointer an "apply" or "Done" tab anywhere.

      To close the Hud settings page i have to use Control Alt Delete and shut down the whole Elephant application.

      I am using a 15 inch monitor, is this too small to show the tabs at the bottom of the page ? or are there settings somewhere to adjust the actual program for an interphase that will provide full functionality to me.

      I realise this may be a computing 101 user/ignorance problem but all the same i would like somebodies assistance. And yes i have had the problem with other programs besides elephant (can't view/access with mouse pointer necessary tabs, usually at the bottom of the page).

      Cheers and Wealth
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