could someone place a link, thanks

    • CiaranConlon
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      hey guys, sorry to be spamming the forums :/

      could anyone please if possible link me to the page where i was meant to type in my username to the free $50 at netbet, cheers :)

      i feel so dumb.. such a novice
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    • gadget51
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      Hi ciaranConlon,

      Is this the page you meant?

      If not let me know and I'll find it for you. :)

      P.S. Don't feel dumb, we can't all be internet wizards and I should know, just ask the other moderators! :P


    • mayorciaran
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      thanks for the reply :)

      the page is just like that but had the code PS40, i found a link the same link you posted and i typed in conlonciaran and nothing has happened as i feel it may be the wrong promo? not sure. i've tried typing in conlonciaran (username) into your link and it says the following

      'NetBet Poker: The account has already been entered by another user. Please contact support if you are sure that it is yours. Please give us the account name which you wanted to fill in, as well as the corresponding poker room.'

      i think i may have made this more difficult for myself now.. i feel i won't get any bonus :(
    • Lazza61
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      Hey CiaranConlon/mayorciaran,

      The problem is that you have 2 accounts. You have probably requested the free money on one account and may be trying to enter the information through the other.

      I'm not quite sure what you have done so I would suggest opening a ticket with our customer support team. They should be able to sort it out.

      Just scroll to the bottom of the page (after clicking the link above) and click the + sign next to "Open a new ticket'.

      Keep us updated