Another bug with this sh*tty software

    • Datz2Ez
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      I have never been so frustrated by a poker room.

      Here's the list of all the annoying things I need to face :
      - Horrible customer support via mail,
      - Online chat is never online
      - The software will crash once in a while for no reason (my computer is brand new)
      - You earn points but there is no shop

      Now this time it gets worst, I want to use their promo for the 100k freeroll. I'm a little late but I have time to do the requirements. I enter the promo code. It's valid. I deposit 20$ and play 2x 10$ hu to get the 20 required points. When I press "redeem" this is what I get :

      This is bullshit. The tournament was beginning in 10 minutes and they let me validate a code that is "expire". Pokerstrategy shouldn't endorse this low quality poker room. I feel scammed.
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    • Datz2Ez
      Joined: 13.03.2012 Posts: 72
      Oh and my pokerstrategy point balance is still at 0. I know that the mistake is not on your end but on their end, I've never had problem with that before...
    • Lazza61
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      Hey Datz2Ez,

      Keep trying to contact their support. They should issue you a replacement token if it was their fault.

      Also ensure that you have followed the instructions in this thread. There is a different deposit code for each week and you are only eligible for each specific code if you deposit in the week preceding.

      Also, if you believe you have earned enough SPs for a status upgrade, then I would suggest opening a ticket with our customer support team.

      Just scroll to the bottom of the page (after clicking the link above) and click the + sign next to "Open a new ticket'.

      They will be able to manually upgrade your status if you can provide evidence such as screenshots of rake paid / NetBet points earned.


    • amater0001
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      Yeah, their 100k codes dont't work. Tried twice, then moved to another ipoker skin, Everest. Works fine there .
    • 24Caliber
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      I have so much trouble with the NetBet Software, its hard enough trying to beat poker let alone the software aswell! Really furstrating about their shop as I have about 150k points which took me about 6 months of 100nl cash to accumulate on poker770 :/
    • grbell
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      @amater0001 When you tried the online chat did you use their main website link. The link on the poker client is always dead so you can't use that. If you can't get any joy with Netbet another iPoker recommendation is William Hill. They have quite a few nice promotions always. The tokens for the 4 x 25k freerolls are easy to get - just opt in on their website, deposit the required amount and play enough to rake just 30 cents by the Saturday before the freeroll. The token will be issued by mid afternoon giving you plenty time to chase a reasonably responsive CS if there are any problems. If you decide to join another iPoker skin remember to signup through PS so you get the points!

      @24Caliber See the Netbet advent calendar thread for information on how to cash in your points. The following from a post by 'Glopslart'
      If you wish to redeem your NetPoints for cash in the mean time, we can do this for you manually.

      Here is the price list:

      Cash Points
      $5 5000
      $10 9000
      $25 16000
      $100 55000
      $250 118000
      $1,000 400000
      $2,750 985000
    • 24Caliber
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      Thanks, I just checked and I have just over 400k points! 1k will be a tidy little bonus:)