Balancing. Micro's and beyond

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      Hi Guys,

      I think i made alot of mistakes related to poker in general. I used to grind the micro's all day and play around 16 tables at once. Why? Because i get bored quick. I used to play all day long, but at the end of the day i always ended up with a downswing due to lack of concentration. It was easy to just win 10 or 12 BI's at 5NL, but like i said, at the end of the day i just lost it all back. I don't know if it was tilt or maybe a lack of concentration, or maybe both. Yesterday i almost tilted my whole bankroll away. Then i started playing a 100$ HU hyper SNG that i lost. With my last 70$ i played a 50$ SNG (HU hyper) that i won. After that i again played the same $100 HU Hyper which i won. So that was the last drop for me. My BR is now at $240 i think. I played against some uber pro:

      i luckboxed on a flip. He had pocket TT, and i had A9. Hit the ace on the flop.

      Currently i'm still in school. I have a regular life, a normal job and a great hobby. I love poker, but also photography, movies and art. I always wanted to be a movie director or a great photographer. You can check out my portfolio if you'd like: (most of it is in Dutch though)

      So, now for the PG&C i would like to set the following goals for myself:

      - Balance things up: Do things i like, don't ever drop photography because of poker, and don't play uber long sessions

      - Review: Post hands and ask alot of questions

      - Discipline: Don't play 16 tables at once!

      - Stop loss: Stop at 3 BI's down, or 5 BI's up

      - Play at least 100K hands at 5NL to see if i'm a winning player

      So that's it for now :) Wish me luck!

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