DO NOT register on BWIN!

    • Imaki
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      Well couse ur nothing but a money mashin for them. Let me explain.

      First of all i play online poker over 10 (!) years not, tryed many differend sites and settle at BWIn. I liked structure of turnament and relative user friendlines of platform. Now i see that until i brought them money they were ready to assist any way i needed but when they made a mistake and, were requre to return at least buy in i am getting ignored.
      On 26-27 october BWIn was expiring some difficultis on site, platform frozen in the middle of the hand, u got disconnected etc... I meen it happens i get it but in spirit of good buissnes; explain what happend, appologize and return players money i guess its not too much 2 ask, is it?? Forget it, no news what went wrong, no mail, an jep u guessed it no buy in returns. And to top it all wee got totally ignored by BWIn support team... This is a mail i send them:

      Dear sir/madam

      i would like to point your attention on errors and consequentially creation of iregualar condition in yesterday session of tournament poker. As you, i am sure, know yesterdays session resulted in frosen platform in the middle of the hands. Any regular and fair game was impossible

      After conversation with other players we came to conclusion that error was happening to all of us and that players have been allowed to continue playing at different times and thus, giving them unfair advantage both in pre and after flop game.

      Since irregularity was result of error on BWIN site, I expect explanation of what happend and full refund of lost money in tournaments.


      After two send mails we r still waiting for respond... I m a sucker!!

      Now i did record intire session and have all history of it i am planning to write a blog of what happend and post a link in poker comunnity . Until than be aware of BWIN!!! :rage:
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    • badgerer
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      firstly, i agree that you are entitled to a refund and an explaination.

      i have a feeling it will be difficult for them to confirm who is owed what and therefore much easier to ignore the problem, their TOS almost definitely absolves them of responsibility. perhaps you should inform BWIN you have video proof, they might be more interested in helping you out if they know you can back up your claims.

      just a word of advice tho, i know you are angry but i doubt they would respond well to blackmail so maybe stop short of outright threatening them with this blog post idea, if that was your intention.

    • Imaki
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      Well i am not as much angry as suprised at total disrespect of long term member... And it certainly was not my intend to blackmail anyone, but by my, i will not be quite when i am paying for others misstakes. At least i can do is warn other ppl what they ll be into if they register. And warn i will by writnig blog and postin video af what was going on..Only purpose will be, other players awarnes.
      I do realize i can kiss my buy in$ goodbye...

      I did write i have a video proof of session to them ( like 2k other players that played same time guess).It was going on for a couple of hours... They just simplly...dont care.

      Tnx for trying to help tho!
    • hoagy
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      I have had a very different experience on BetWin, in late October they were victim to DDoS attacks as had all iPoker networks, albeit I did not lose any monies in that respect, and any mail I sent to support was responded to within a reasonable time, in saying that I am a new client, but I would recommend people to join and play their standard equals any iPoker skin I have played with, or am I incorrect? It is incredible to think any support team would not reply to an e-mail did you address it properly? If we are interrupted or frustrated by people who generate DDoS attacks should we not express our anger towards the perpetrators rather than other victims like BetWin? After all the confusion is wiped away BetWin lost more money than I did, should we not be compassionate?
    • Imaki
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      Time to update progress of my complain... As it was advised to me i send mail of what went wrong to all tree (other two) addresses i found on BWIN and on one of them, not even an hour later, informed me that my query was send on for further investigantion.

      Today i receved answer in which BWIN apologizet and informed me that my account got refunded withy tour. buy ins i made on that session (with tournament $). So it did take a while i had to put some effort in it but BWIN came through.

      So i urge you to take in considoration entire incident i had also the end resolt... They do offer custumer assistance and if u are patiant enought also resposibility for errors they make...

      I m still a BWIN client.

    • atticus11
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      irrelevant.i play on bwin for 5years i guess and i'm satisfied by it,every site has problems but bwin is quite good
    • Lazza61
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      Hey Imaki,

      Happy to see you got a good result. :f_thumbsup: Patience is always important when it comes to dealing with support.

      Cheers :f_drink: