SH R/A Trny - Final Table - Stop & Go

    • Marky84
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      Yesterday i made it to the FT in a $2.25 r/a 6-max trny.
      Remaining players: 6/175
      Blinds :2500/5000/600, next level coming soon
      My stack: ~90k - i was the shortest
      Villain: ~100k if I remember correctly, pretty standard stats

      As the HH is saved on my other computer, I'll do my best without a converter (the suits might be different here as they were in real terms, howsoever).

      Hero is BB with 9:spade: 9:diamond:

      Preflop (Pot: 11.100):
      UTG folds, MP folds, CO folds, BU raises to 12.500, SB folds, Hero calls
        my intention was to check/shove any flop

      Flop (Pot: 36.000): 7:diamond: 2:heart: 7:heart:
      Hero checks, BU bets 20.000, Hero raises all-in

      So my question, is this a good spot to play Stop & Go? In my opinion 99 is too strong to lay down. Would it be better to shove pre?
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    • typohh
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      Posted in the wrong section me thinks.

      Its a good 3bet AI spot. I personally dont value highly stop-and-go and find it relatively easy to play against it since its often so obvious. With the given flop and your position there is really no choice but to go for CRAI.

      Ideal 3bet AI stack is one where villain needs slightly above 35% equity to make the call. Here you have a bit too deep stacks for that, but still within the limit where its +cEV to shove light.

      I would personally probably only call with 99 here. I would 3bet AI here with { conntected suited, Ax suited, 22-55, JJ+, AQ+ }, half the range is as bluffs that do relatively well against villains valling range, the other half are valuebets against his calling range. I might adjust the composition slightly depending on the villain.

      I practically never 3bet without going all-in when I have less than 20bb.
    • grummeler
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      i`m trying to argue about stop and go play in an extra thread soon.
      because the stop and go play is such a powerfull weapon and worth using it from time to time.

      but the right play with stop and go is to call preflop and shove all in any flop first to act not to check raise all in ;)
      but we will discuss this point in its own thread