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Get rich or die tryin - from 150$ to 1000$

    • AleksanderBury
      Joined: 15.04.2013 Posts: 105

      first of all a big hello to English community! My name is Alex and I am from Poland, but currently living and studying in London. A bit about myself: I've been playing poker for nearly 2 years already, but without any big successes. On the other hand I've never lost anything and constantly improved my BR, but after 2 years I should be in much better place. Well, as I said before I'm a student so unfortunately I cannot dedicate much time to poker, but anyway I believe it is better to constantly improve, step by step, than just give up.

      Now a bit more about my aim. I decided to participate in 'Get rich or die tryin' challenge to give myself motivation to play and learn everyday, a little bit, but still. I want to try out really aggressive BRM called 'Tankroll'. I play FR tables and feel pretty confident, I feel like I've got skills and experience to beat micro/small stakes but my real problem is my mindset. So my main objectives:

        :diamond: play everyday at least 500h,
        :diamond: spend at least half an hour on analysing hands,
        :diamond: and half an hour on improving (videos, articles etc.)
        :diamond: read 'Treat your poker like a business'

      I'm starting with 150$ and hopefully end with 1000$. I've also been thinking what when I will succeed and I think it's time to shift to 6-max, so I'm going to invest some money into private coaching.

      Okey, I think that's it for now. I haven't decided if I'm going to write more than only once weekly, so safely see you next week ;)
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    • AleksanderBury
      Joined: 15.04.2013 Posts: 105
      Alright hi again,
      I put more time in playing than I have set, so I thought I may as well write something. So from bankroll point of view I have been welcomed pretty well at the tables.

      So yeah that's how it looks like.
      Hands: 1842
      Bankroll: 192.66$
      Profit: 42.66$

      It turns out that I had average winrate of 25bb/100 so correction is inevitable. This week I am going to work on my Open Raising, so today I systematised my ranges, tomorrow I will probably make a list of things I have to take into consideration before making any decisions, so I can focus on it while playing.

      Alright, that's it, see you probably in next few days ;)
    • FerlichL
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      Gl :f_drink:
    • ntelis1
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      Good Luck.