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    • trip133
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      Hi all! After a long break from poker I've started playing again after watching the Big One for One drop tournament on TV. In pokerstars, after about 30,000 hands in each I'm winning about 20 BB/100 at NL2, 10 BB/100 at NL2 and 5 BB/100 at NL10 FR. I thought villains had improved a lot the last few years but apparently they have not! Hope members are not trolling others like on 2+2. Wanted to post a new thread in hand evaluation but no button for new thread unfortunately.
      Is it because I'm a new member?
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    • gadget51
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      Hello trip133 and welcome to Pokerstrategy English community!

      You are correct trip133:

      #1 members don't troll other members here like on other sites, or they get dealt with very quickly!
      #2 You won't see the button because you are still a Basic member.

      This can be remedied of course!

      Taking advantage of one of our free money offers will cost you nothing and will give you lifetime Bronze status.

      Bronze will give you a tracked room to earn Strategy Points, the ability to send friend requests and Personal Messages (PMs) through our community tool. You will also be able to post images and graphs directly into your posts, as well as opening up more strategy and videos and of course the Hand Evaluation Forums.

      Please be aware that there may be country specific restrictions on some of the offers.

      An alternative would be to use our points shop to upgrade your status immediately.

      I do hope those help, but if you do need further assistance, please just ask and we'll see what we can do for you.

      Best regards and have fun,

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      Hey trip133,

      You are still able to post hands on our Hand Evaluation boards. The boards marked "Hand Discussions" are unrestricted. They may not be evaluated by our Professional Hand Judges, but they will be evaluated by coaches and players who are beating your limit or higher. :)


    • trip133
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      Ok thanks for that. Unfortunately, I think all the sites in the link are banned in Greece except for Pokerstars in which I'm already a member.