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Mega Series Live Event Problem

    • barnanag
      Joined: 30.01.2007 Posts: 234
      Hello guys,

      I used to play the Mega Poker Series Events while it was running by Poker770, always made a satelite for it and never had any problem with the registration and spending money received in time to my poker account (also no problems with any other sites live events ever).

      After the skin change I didnt really played there, because I didnt get a bonus etc, so I played on other skins. I saw they still run the MPS live events, and there will be a coming event close to Vienna 1 week before the Concord Million, that I will participate also with my friends (we live in Hungary), so I played the satelite and shipped a package,

      This was the last satelite for this event on october 26th, the festival will be from 18th november to 23th november. I got a congratuliaton email from them and a survey to fill out my personal details, like always it is a normal procedure, I sent them back datas and that i want to play on day 1A. They sent it on 27th and also telling the deadline is 29th to confirm my participation.

      Until the last week I didnt get any more info about the hotel or anything about the upcoming event so I wrote them an email to please inform me which hotel will I stay from what dates and also please send me my spending money to my poker account after 3 weeks of the satelite. This email was sent by me on 11th november, they answered me on 14th november that they didnt received any confirmation email from me so they thought I dont want to participate on this event.

      I was like really? I was wondering how it is possible, I always get a notification if my email couldnt delivered. Also they dont have any automated email reply, anyway I was emailing with them on 14th november, got 2-3 replys, then my last email answered 18th november that they are really sorry but I cant participate on this event because they have prove they didnt receive my confirmation email.

      That news was very disapointed for me, because I already have my schedule for the upcoming weeks, and my friends was also involved in these schedule (going together, travelling costs, accomodation), but this information changed everything, I am not gonna pay the buyin from my own bankroll for an event that I have won a package form thats why I play satelite for it.

      They offered me that I can use my package for the next stage, but I dont see any future events, and also just heared that they cancelled the last event also.

      Sorry for the long story, just try to make it look clear for everybody, dont know if I got scammed or whats going on with this new management, I am just a little confused, so thats why I ask your help guys.

      What should I do now? Any moderator or NetBet representative feel free to answer here, beacuse I really counldnt stand-in with the support, they just keep answering me they have prove I didnt got my email and get over it thanks for my understanding.

      Like really if there was 2 days for the confirmation deadline and they are answering the emails in 3-4 days, it is really my bad luck or what? If their support made a mistake, would they say that, sorry they made a big mistake and didnt send my details to the responsible team? Or they just come up with a we didnt received your email story.

      I would appreciate any suggetion,
      Cheers guys
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