Unibet 5 seat SNGs

    • kaulinissenis
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      Unibet has the "non-standard" 5-man SNGs and they pay out 2/3 for 1st and 1/3 for 2nd.
      for example:
      [4.65€ pool + 0.35€ rake]
      1. 3.10€
      2. 1.55€
      Is this 1st place heavy pay out format worth it, if you're flipping for 1st place HU a lot?
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    • kurrkabin
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      You are definitely not gonna be flipping in HU if your HU is good. This pay out is about 65:35 which is actually quite good. 70:30 will definitely come with a higher variance. I used to play those 5-max games and you should treat it just like a 6-man game(65:35 pay out) ICM wise and do some adjustments with the ranges due to the higher action.