Win €1 million in the Unibet 100 Million Hand celebrations

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      Unibet Poker are celebrating almost 100 million cash hands since launching their new client this March with a very generous promotion for cash players.

      Starting with the 95 millionth hand, every 100,000 hand will win a milestone bonus. All players dealt into a Milestone Hand win a cash prize which is individually multiplied, based on their average number of flops seen at the given stake during the last 60 minutes.

      • The higher stakes you play, the bigger your prize will be.
      • The more flops per table you’ve seen 1 hour before a Milestone hits, the bigger your prize will be.
      • You can win up to € 1,000,000 if you win the 100 millionth Milestone hand, depending on the hand combination you win with. At least €10,000 for winning with a High Hand, and a cool million if it happens to be a Royal Flush.
      • Every player sitting in cash game tables when the 100 Millionth Hand hits will win a €5,000 Freeroll Ticket – the tournament will start on 4th January at 17:00 CET.

      How the prizes are calculated
      Each 100,000 Milestone Hand awards an initial prize between €100 and €5,000. However, your actual prize can be between 10% and 750% of that prize depending on the stakes you are playing and the number of flops you have seen in the last hour, which both have a multiplying effect on the final prize.

      Everyone else dealt into the hand who loses will also win a smaller prize, with the same multiplying criteria above.

      Player 1 is dealt into Milestone hand # 99,000,000 at Table 1 (NL50).
      In the 60 minutes prior to being dealt a Milestone Hand, the player has seen a total of 13 flops on Table 1 (NL50), 19 flops on Table 2 (NL50) and 10 flops at Table 3 (NL100).

      Stake = NL50 → Stake Multiplier = 1.5
      Flops = (13 + 19) / 2 (tables) = 16 → Avg. Flops Multiplier = 0.75
      (The flops seen on the NL100 table does not count as the Milestone hand was dealt at a NL50 Table.)

      Prize Multiplier = 1.5 x 0.75 = 1.125

      The 100 Millionth Hand
      The lucky player dealt into this hand will win a prize determined by the hand rank of their winning hand:

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