iPoker road to €100,000 Big Sunday

    • BarryCarter
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      Every time you make any deposit (New or existing customers) you get 20 tokens to play in daily Road to €100,000 Big Sunday Freerolls.

      Each of these daily freerolls will award a €75 token to use in the €100,000 Big Sunday Tournament every week. The next 25 players will win a €1 token to the €750 Guaranteed 10 seat satellite to the same event every Sunday at 15:00 GMT.

      The freerolls are all Super Turbo, so you won't be playing all day. They are also re-entry, so you can use more than one of your freeroll tokens per tournament.

      They are daily at 11:30, 15:30, 17:30, 19:30 and 23:00 GMT.

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    • JimC6
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    • Agiz19
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      sattelite lottery FTW:f_drink:
    • grbell
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      20 entries per person, super turbo, multi entry? Should be quite lively!
    • Twostacks
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      Sounds a lot better than it's cracked up to be.

      26 places paid, out of over 1000 players.
      So everyone seems to just go allin with any 2 cards.

      Then after hours of play, if you are lucky, you get a 1euro token, shocking.!
    • grbell
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      Well I don't think you can expect too much. A £0.01 transfer to you poker account nets you 20 tokens! No wonder people are taking their chances to build a good chip stack. Fairly normal for cheap(free) rebuys to see this happening.

      just treat it like a lottery. Go all in on each hand in the first 15 minutes of the tourney folding if you have a real dog. If you manage to get to a good stack then sit tight for a while and then once the all-ins subside start playing it like a regular tourney. That way you'll not be investing too much time to a hopeless cause.